FastAddressInfo.com is a free address and property research site. The purpose of this site is to make public records regarding real estate property available to the general public in a way that is more usable and better organized. All of the information displayed in this site is available in public records, either via an internet page or download. If the information is found on this site, then that means there is a public record with the raw data, available to everyone. What we do with the data is make it more usable by the public.

FastAddressInfo.com is an independent property research site. We provide information about property parcels in certain areas and we are adding new areas all the time. The information we present is from public records or was derived from public records, except where noted.

As the information is from public records it is not private.

We do not list any properties for sale. If you see a property on this site this is because we list all properties in the areas we service. Seeing a page on this site about a property in no way means the property is for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a property we suggest you contact a real estate agent licensed in the area to help find a property matching your needs.

What Information FASTADDRESSINFO.COM Lists

We list all property parcels in the areas we service that we can. We do eliminate cell towers, drainage ditches, road parcels and unmappable parcels. We do show all residential, commerical, industrial, public and government parcels. This includes schools, parks, city halls, libraries, etc.

The assessed values described on the site are the values determined by the local government's property appraiser's office and are used to determine property taxes. These values may not reflect the actual condition of the property. You should always consult a licensed property inspector and property appriaser to help you determine the fair market value of a property.

FASTADDRESSINFO.COM does not have any Real Estate Agents

We do not buy properties ourselves and we will never contact you about selling your property.

If someone contacts you claiming to be from FastAddressInfo.com, you should turn the person away immediately as they are fraudulently representing themselves.


We'd love to hear about your experience with this site. We take pride in the quality of our work and the ease with which this site operates.

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